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You are here: Homepage / Tourism & Culture / Experience and Enjoy / Wine tasting along the Saxon Wine Route
Map Saxony\'s Wine Route

Wine tasting along the Saxon Wine Route

Visitors exploring the Saxon Wine Route will first encounter grape vines in Pirna-Posta, then in Pillnitz with its famous Water Palace and vineyard church, and with the Dresden Elbe Castles below. Just beyond the outskirts of Dresden as you head in the direction of Meißen, the actual grape growing region begins on the slopes of Radebeul, with the route taking you via Coswig and Weinböhla to Meißen, ending in the romantic Elbe wine villages around Diesbar and Seusslitz.

Wine in the Saxon Elbe valley is a special pleasure. Not just because of its taste. This is where centuries of art and culture, architectural diversity, impressive landscapes, Mediterranean charm and the Saxon joie de vivre come together. The best way to enjoy Saxon wine is with a traditional Saxon meal in one of the typical guesthouses, or in a seasonal wine tavern. A vacation spent harvesting grapes with a vintner allows visitors to experience the wine close up. A visit to one of the wine festivals in the Saxon Elbe region is also a must.